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Jamie Lockhart (aka J)

Jamie grew up in Portsmouth and moved to Leigh Park, Havant to set up a family business, selling fruit and vegetables and going on to opening a Fish & Chip shop in 1982.

At just twelve years old, he started working as a paid magician for a local entertainment agency, performing dove magic in hotels and holiday camps.  After leaving school, magic became his full time occupation and he turned professional, progressing to making and performing his own illusions.  Jamie toured throughout Europe, working with renowned acts and eventually went on to work further afield on cruise ships and more notably, at The Talk of London in Drury Lane in the West End of London.

Having met Helen in 2003, Jamie sidelined his magic to successfully run the family business, settling into family life. He has always kept his hand in with magic, however, working as a close up magician throughout the South Coast and hopes to utilise these skills, whilst travelling as a family.

Jamie can turn his hand to pretty much anything

After the death of his father at the beginning of 2012 and subsequently running the business single-handedly for three years, he decided there was more to life and sold the business – so here we are, starting a new life with a year out to travel the world as a family.


Helen Lockhart

A born travel junkie, its not unusual for Helen to book her next holiday whilst on the current one. She has an appetite for seeking out the best travel deals and spends many an hour looking for ways to get away.  This extends to getting the best deal when shopping online, eating out or haggling for the best deal in person.

Helen grew up in a small village, just outside Wickham with her parents and older brother.  The village itself is very isolated due to a serious lack of public transport, which together with school trips to America, Belgium, Germany and a ski trip to Austria, fuelled Helen’s desire to travel.

Helen went to college and completed A-Levels in Law, Economics and Sociology, followed by an Art Foundation at Portsmouth University.  In 2003, she met Jamie and went on to have Louis in 2005, get married to Jamie in 2008 and have Max is 2009.  She has worked in various roles ranging from Personal Banking to customer service – but it is always a means to an end with Helen – she works to live, rather than lives to work.


Louis Lockhart (Aged 10)

Adventurer, rock climber and You-Tubing extraordinaire.
Louis is extremely bright, managing to disrupt his whole class as the class joker but still managing to get his work done to the highest standard!  He is always willing to give new things a go and will get stuck in head first without any persuasion.

Louis’ first holiday was aged 9 weeks, when he flew to Jersey with his Mum and Dad!

Louis is a Minecraft and You-Tube addict and has started making his own videos.  He is particularly skilled in teaching himself the skills needed to do this and will quite happily discuss all the ins and outs of Minecraft.

Louis can’t walk down a road normally, he has to run, jump, climb and hang – for this reason, he joined the local Rock Climbing Squad in 2013 and has won a couple of Junior competitions – he hopes to do lots of climbing on his travels.

Louis will mostly miss his family and friends, whilst away.


Max Lockhart (Age 6)

Max, like his older brother, is a Minecraft junkie and loves watching videos on YouTube as well as anything that revolves around technology.

Max hates anything to do with learning and isn’t interested in school, however he loves hands on learning rather than sitting down and copying from a book – he’ll happily help you cook the dinner (or make a concoction of some kind!)

Max is very much the little comedian but is also very strong willed and doesn’t like doing something he doesn’t want to do, that said, he is very loyal, loving and caring – he will definitely give you his last rolo!

Max particularly enjoys the simple things in life, from flying kites to playing with friends, especially his best friend Theo, who he will miss greatly during his travels.

His favourite colour is orange and he adores his trusted bear, Charlie, who goes everywhere with him!