Squeezing 31 years into a 20 foot container…

With the decision to travel, comes the inevitable process of packing your life into boxes, condensing and streamlining, thinning and throwing out.

In most cases, this would be therapeutic, however, when you live with ‘the hoarder next door’, a simple process, becomes that little bit more complex – how and where are we going to store everything for the next 12 months?

The sale of the business and its associated storage has forced us to investigate all storage options.  We need maximum space for minimum cost – these have ranged from costly storage from well known firms, well in excess of £250 per month to more purse friendly 20 foot containers for around £100 per month.

The question is, how much do we really need to keep?

It’s taken 31 years (and in Jamie’s case, 48 years!) to accumulate everything we own – magic props, furniture, bikes, utensils, you name it – we now have around ten weeks to condense and expertly pack this part of our lives away for the foreseeable future.

Wake me up when this part is over!

All thoughts of where we are going to head, by which means and what we are going to take, are on hold until we can cross a few things off our ever growing list of tasks.

EBay has become my new best friend, car boot sales are on the horizon and work to the house has begun, ready for it to be rented out whilst we are away.

As always, I have a trusty ‘bible’ of notes, which I am using to keep track of everything that needs doing, (I like to think of myself as a female Richard Branson, who does the same!)  If I haven’t ticked at least two things off my list in a day, I start to panic that we are running out of time – I then further complicate matters by adding further tasks to the list.

So much for jumping on a train and heading to the airport with our Passports and toothbrushes!

Organisation now, spontaneity later – who said packing wasn’t fun?

Signing off with love,